Business and Family



How to Juggle Your Time Between Business and Family


If you’re a business-owner and a family man or woman; you could find yourself near breaking point most of the time.  With the millions of things you have to do:  bring the kids to school, finish a presentation, meet clients, help with homework, fix meals, troubleshoot both with home and business issues; you could find that there just isn’t enough time in a day to do all of these.


As a matter of fact, there probably isn’t enough time to do everything at once.  This is why learning the skills of time management is very important.  This in itself is already doing damage control.  You can become more efficient both at home and at work, with the proper time management system in place.


Managing Time with Ease


If you’re a full-time parent, you should know right away that you cannot be a full-time business-owner, too – unless you run your business from home and rarely go out to meet clients or suppliers.


One area is bound to suffer.  Set your priorities and set a goal.  If your business requires you to be out of the house on most days, work out a schedule so meeting your work and family responsibilities won’t be stressful.


If you have kids that go to school, you can time your meetings and business schedules during the hours that they won’t be at home.


Have a back-up plan.  In case you need to attend to something immediately during your allotted time for your family, have an alternate plan prepared so you won’t be harassed as to who will prepare the meals, help with the homework and such.


Set Time for Family

It is best to have a specific day just for family, particularly if your business requires you to be out of the house most of the time.  This way, none of your family members will feel resentful towards your busy schedule or feel neglected.


Be strict about complying with your fixed schedule.  As much as possible, do not break-off your family time to attend to your business – unless it is a matter of life and death.  In which case, you also have to have a back-up plan for this.


You may also trade-off one of your allotted days for work should you really need to use your family time for business.  There are a lot of ways for you to manage your time efficiently.  Setting your priorities, sticking with your schedule and not taking in more than you can chew are only a few techniques that you can use.