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Website to Market a Business

  Website to Market a Business   Businesses have started invading the Internet such that when you try to search for goods or services, you are likely to get thousands of results that will take…

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Accounting Essentials

  Accounting Essentials   Accounting has put businesses to a science by keeping score of money that comes in and out of the company.  The steps are complicated but it lets an owner quantify his…


Keeping Tabs of Payroll Taxes

  Keeping Tabs of Payroll Taxes   Payroll is one of the most important issues everyone deals with whether you’re looking at it as an employer or employee.  In addition to this, both also look…



  Why Competition in Business Matters   In any business, competition is one key element that we could use to motivate us to improve our products or services; to check the premises to see where…

Hand drawing Quality flow chart with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

Maintaining Quality

  Excellence in Quality is the Difference   How many times have you experienced purchasing something that turned out to be a lemon?  Worse, when we try to return these items or have them replaced;…