Why Competition in Business Matters


In any business, competition is one key element that we could use to motivate us to improve our products or services; to check the premises to see where we stand in the market share; to keep up-to-date with the latest technological innovations; and to recognize the road blocks that hinder us from moving forward.


 Having competition drives us to be aggressive in our business strategies and advertising to eliminate all possibilities of being engulfed whole by our competitors and lose our standing in the market; whether locally or worldwide.  But first, we should be aware of who our competitors are to allow us to move accordingly.


 Recognizing Today’s Market 


There are several industries today that are thriving, despite the economic turmoil that we all have experienced of late.  There are also those that are simply trying to keep afloat, working their way out of the red and into a more positive position in their industry.


Both these scenarios require that we recognize what we are working for and against.  Clearly acknowledging the elements that we have to consider in order for us to keep moving forward will help us work on our business plans to eliminate threats to our security.


With the narrowing market share brought on by financial strains, the competition to get a stronghold in the market becomes even more aggressive.  Innovative means are necessary and redirection may have to be taken in order to get ahead of our competitors.


Healthy Competition


This being said, being aggressive in our quest to do better does not mean that we have to resort to blatantly lambasting our competitors to get ahead of them.  Capitalizing on our strong points instead of openly harping on the weak points of our competition will result in bad blood between us and other businesses in our industry.


Sound business acumen will tell us that creating enemies in our industry is not the way to go especially during these crucial times.  Creating a harmonious business relationship with our competitors is essential; to keep the doors open for partnerships in the future.


Competition is always good exercise to keep us on our toes and motivate us to not be complacent.  It inspires us to go one step further and to do better than our last winning moment.  This will help us maintain our stronghold in the market or to strive further to be one more rung higher that our last position.