Maintaining Quality

Hand drawing Quality flow chart with blue marker on transparent wipe board.Hand drawing Quality flow chart with blue marker on transparent wipe board.


Excellence in Quality is the Difference


How many times have you experienced purchasing something that turned out to be a lemon?  Worse, when we try to return these items or have them replaced; we are directed to a lousy customer support service that talks in circles, evading the issue of why their product was less than satisfactory.


True, this could happen to anyone; but don’t let this happen to any one of your customers, whatever your business is.  Nothing beats excellent quality and in almost all instances, here lies the big difference.


 Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

 There would be times when we would be tempted to overlook the quality of our products in our effort to produce more; thinking that selling more is all that matters.  What we fail to realize is that while we may have sold more, we have also opened up the possibility of returns from unsatisfied customers because of the poor quality of our products.


 This is why large corporations usually have a Quality Control Department whose main purpose is to ensure that everything that goes out of production has the same excellent quality that customers expect.


 On the other hand, if we are a small business but with quality goods; our competitors’ share of the market may well choose us over them precisely because of the quality of our products.




Typically, small businesses have an edge in this area because small business owners make it their business to not only provide quality goods but also quality client relationship.  This personal touch is always appreciated by the market.


 Keeping Up with Technology


 There are a lot of technological advancements today that can help us maintain the quality of our goods or services.  Updated tools and equipment may help us produce even better-quality goods than what we have now, may increase our outputs without sacrificing the quality.


 These don’t have to be the latest model but at least these should keep up with the times.  This will help us to not fall behind schedule of production, create more efficiency in the workplace and maintain the excellent quality of our goods that our customers have been accustomed to.


In this manner, we may increase the number of clients that we can accommodate regularly which subsequently will increase our profits as well.


But whether we are a small business with only a few hands to help us; or a medium enterprise; the thing to remember is to never sacrifice quality over quantity.