Outline for a Successful Business Plan


An Outline for a Successful Business Plan


Before you open a business, the most important thing that you have to recognize is that you have to make a successful business plan, without which is tantamount to building a company on shaky foundations.  So, what are the essential things that you need to have in order to make a successful business plan?


The Executive Summary Section


The executive summary section is a very integral part of the business plan because this will serve as the introduction of your summary.  In this section, you will introduce what your business is all about as well as state the reasons why your clients or customers would want your service and/or product.  You will also need to summarize here your marketing plans to attract your share of the target market.


The Business Section


Once you have caught the attention of your audience, you will have to present now a very detailed information of your business and its purpose, but in making the business section, be sure to avoid too-technical terms so as to make it easy for your audience to read your business plan.


The Market Analysis Section


To further strengthen your proposal, an in-depth analysis of the market is in order, so be sure to include this in your business plan.  If on the first part of the business plan you have given a brief outline of your marketing plan, in this section, you will have to present an in-depth analysis of your market to your audience.  This includes data on market trending and customer demands and needs.  Likewise, this section should also include your company’s pricing and packaging plans.


The Financing Section


This section speaks of your dedication and commitment in pursuing your business enterprise, especially since this section talk of money.  Here, you have to show your partners or audiences the amount of cash that you are willing to pour into your business as well as the money you will still need in order to push through with your plans.  Furthermore, you also have to state in this section your plans on how you are going to repay the debt you owe your creditors and/or investors.  Provide relevant financial worksheets that include yearly income expectations, estimated cash flow, et cetera.


The Management Section


This is the last section of a good business plan where you have to give a detailed description of exactly how your company is going to operate.  This includes the organizational and the legal structures of your company as well as your administrative team.  You should also include in this section the biographies of the top personnel of your company.


Remember, a good business depends upon a good foundation.